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Ever since our first client in 2014, we’ve been committed to helping timeshare owners eliminate the burden of timeshare ownership. Aside from deception by sales agents and availability issues, the scams that prey on vulnerable timeshare owners can be devastating for some. For others, it can be a costly, endless road of regret. We’ve talked to hundreds of timeshare owners that have burned through tens of thousands of dollars before realizing their property was worthless. We developed CAT to help more people realize that there is a trustworthy, legal way to get out of timeshare obligations. 

Cancel Any Timeshare allows our clients to either request an attorney-based mortgage cancellation or a “free & clear” timeshare termination service. Our guarantee of service combined with our 100% success rate makes us the trusted leader in timeshare cancellation. For those interested in discussing their eligibility for our timeshare cancellation services, our free consultations help you determine what makes sense for you and your family.

Our mission is simple: To provide a safe method for eliminating an unwanted, un-sellable timeshare property. We provide our clients with a guaranteed, attorney-based timeshare contract cancellation service. Over the last 5 years, our 100% success rate makes us the trusted leader in timeshare cancellation.

Terminate Timeshare Fees

Legal timeshare contract termination for owners with a paid off mortgage.

Mortgage Cancellation

Attorney-based timeshare contract cancellation for owners who have a mortgage.

Want to learn more about CAT?

It’s hard to talk about all of the reasons why we started our company on one page. If you’re interested in hearing more about why we’re so passionate about helping timeshare owners cancel their timeshares, let us know. Every owner’s situation is different, but we’re here to help you find the perfect solution. Getting rid of your unwanted timeshare can be difficult on your own.

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