Raymond Reese assisted us with the selling of our timeshare. Within a few months of submitting paperwork and documents, the processing went very smoothly. Wendy Draskovic, Customer Relations Specialist was excellent with working with us step by step. We would highly recommend this company if you are looking to get rid of your timeshare.
George B.
Outstanding, efficient and effective people who performed exactly as they said they would and kept me informed of the process throughout! I had tried other avenues to opt out of my timeshare. They were all ineffective and led to dead ends, though their ads insisted they were great. They were not. VOC is the only way to go!
Len L.
I had owned my timeshare for about 30 years, Since there is no value to it, I was unable to get out from under it. I met VOC at a trade show. They promised to be able to help. I got past my skepticism and hired them. They did not disappoint. I was out of my timeshare within a few months. My faith in humanity is restored. Thank you, VOC!
Gary C.
I encountered Vacation Ownership Consultants at a home show here in Tucson in October of 2016. I was skeptical as I had wanted to be rid of my timeshare for a number of years but found only "fake" businesses. I was impressed with what they had to say and, in the long run, they did exactly what they said they would. By October of 2017, we were free and clear of our timeshare. Because our timeshare company was small, it took a little longer than we might have expected.
Reno B.
My wife and I hired VOC to terminate our contract with two timeshare properties. We were paying out over $2,000 each year for the maintenance fees. VOC was able to file the quitclaim deeds to remove our involvement with the timeshare entities. These QCD were recently filed by the local State/County record department. We figured it was better to extricate ourselves from the annual maintenance fees by hiring VOC with a 2+ years 'cost balance' of zero $0. We are happy that the paying of maintenance fees is behind us.
testimonial photo for timeshare cancellation company reviews
Dennis M.
Vacation Ownership Consultants terminated our timeshare as they stated they would. We have spent a lot of money with other companies trying to get rid of our timeshare and they never succeeded to get us out of the timeshare. I was very happy with VOC and would recommend going with this company if you want to get rid of your timeshare. Very professional company. I give a five-star rating.
Nancy M.
After trying to get rid of our timeshare for several years I came across VOC through a common friend who had used them to get out of their timeshare. We gave him a call and, after putting down half, it took about 6 months. I got us out of our timeshare with no muss, no fuss and we are very happy with their service.
Michael C.
Trying to rid myself from vacation ownership was worst than trying to pull my own tooth with the old string on the door trick. But when I discovered Vacation Ownership Consultants and directed them to terminate my contract with the ever increasing demand for maintenance fees from Diamonds Timeshare LLC, the pressure of discomfort disappeared without the bloody mouth. And months later when the phone calls started up again, one call to VOC ceased the dinner time serenade of rings.
Henry G.
I owned my timeshare for 20 years and started to try to get out about 10 years ago. I've seen all the scams and come-ons and VOC is NOT one of them. The process takes about 4-6 months and you pay about $2500. Some trust is involved on your part but VOC gets it done and done right. These guys are the real deal!
Roger G.
We were looking to get out of our expensive Timeshare payments, taxes and maintenance fees. Found this Company online and, from the first contact, everyone was very professional and helpful. The process could have taken up to a year but was completed within 4 months. We were kept informed through the whole process and was very pleased with the results. I would recommend this Company if you are looking to get out of your timeshare.
Vivian S.
From the very start, everyone we talked to was so helpful, and informative. We had a bad incident with another timeshare release company, and were first. But, from the first conversation about their service, to many conversations, and e-mails with Wendy in Customer Service, we were kept at ease with the entire process. The release process was easy for us, handled professionally, and quickly. We cannot thank Vacation Ownership Consultants enough.
Rick S.
We are very pleased in having hired Vacation Ownership Consultants to end our endless commitment with Club Wyndham. They were courteous and delivered the termination within the agreed time! They kept all communications between themselves and the timeshare company as promised. At no time were we harassed by Wyndham. They terminated my horrible timeshare commitment for life contract very efficiently. They are highly recommend.
Al R.
I have been extremely happy with the professional way VOC handled my request to get out of the timeshare I owned. It took about 4 months, but they were always prompt and courteous when I called with any question. I will be recommending this company to various acquaintances who also are getting fed up with the constantly increasing maintenance fees, as well as the fact that many times we couldn't get reservations when and where we wanted.
Jana P.
After many years and several scams to unload or sell our timeshare we met VOC at a home show. We approached them with a great amount of skepticism. After speaking with Scott Baldwin we encountered a very positive experience and entrusted VOC to sell our timeshare. Within a couple of months the WHOLE transaction was completed. We appreciate their efficient and professional service.
Karen N.
This company was great. I've been trying to get rid of my timeshare for awhile and I was a little skeptical of these type of companies, but after some searching around I found VOC. They were almost half the price as their competitors, which at first seemed too good to be true, but they did what they promised and I am out of my timeshare. I would and will refer VOC to anyone that wants to get out of their timeshare. THANK YOU.
Shane M.
This company is everything it said it was, they did whatever it took to get it done, and I for one am couldn't be happier. I would recommend this company if you want to get out of your timeshare and have peace of mind.
Joseph M.
They helped me get out of my timeshare property. I could no longer afford the rising Maintenance Fee costs, or get anywhere. I would recommend them to anyone. The customer service was great. (They always called me back). Love the girl Lin, she was really great.
Marina L.
I’m so glad that I heard about and hired Vacation Ownership Consultants! They terminated my horrible Westgate Timeshare contract in an efficient and timely manner. I’d highly recommend them. Thank you so much!
Jason N.
We have tried in the past to sell our timeshare with no success. We met VOC at the Home Show set up a meeting that fit our schedule the next week. We were able to complete the process with little effort and VOC fulfilled their promise to get us out of our Timeshare in less than 6 months. I would recommend VOC to anyone that is looking to get out of their Timeshare.
happy couple after terminating their timeshare mortgage with cancel any timeshare app
Cindy B.
VOC got me out of my timeshare. It was way too easy!! I went to their office and signed all the papers. They were very reassuring that it would work out well and they were legitimate. She said I should get a letter in about 6-8 months indicating I was released. And that indeed happened. I have no more Admin fees and after the first year, I will have recouped any additional expense paid by me or my descendants. They were great!!
happy timeshare cancellation customer
Jane D.
Thanks to VOC we are no longer under any obligation to continue paying yearly fees. We tried to sell our timeshare week (in FL, close to WDW) and even to gift it but were not able to. We even told the resort they could take it back (and sell it!) but they refused! So, realistically the timeshare had no value at all. VOC was very professional and resolved this for us in under 6 months.
satisfied timeshare mortgage cancellation customer in california
Bianca B.
We had a timeshare for many years for about 2.5 months every year. We always used it but, since we are retired and kids are gone, we have more freedom to travel elsewhere now and wanted to get out of the increasing timeshare annual fees. Since it was such a large block of time it took awhile to get out of it but Vacation Ownership Consultants came through just as promised and got us released. Many thanks to them and Jeremy in Phoenix.
couple that recently cancelled their timeshare mortgage and annual maintenance fees with cancel any timeshare app
Roderick O.
Our experience with Vacation Ownership Consultants was outstanding. After years of having a vacation package that we could never really use properly and could not sell, finding Vacation Ownership Consultants was truly the best thing that could have happened. They made the process easy and painless. We highly recommend Vacation Ownership Consultants to anyone needing this kind of service. Thanks, Vacation Ownership Consultants!
cancel any timeshare clients are happy to promote the benefits of working with a timeshare cancellation company that cares about them
Laura T.
Everyone makes mistakes in life. Buying not one, but two timeshares we spent thousands of dollars on but never used was ours. Thousands more in annual dues, thousands more to list them for sale, only to discover they weren't worth anything and couldn't be gotten rid of so the cycle just continued. Yes, we spent thousands more with VOC but they helped us get rid of them both and the vicious cycle has finally ended!
Deborah G.
VOC helped me in getting out of my timeshare and the financial obligations with it. Thank you!
Don D.
I have been trying for years to get rid of the time share that was imposed on me. Thank you so much for helping me out of the money trap!!!
Becky S.
VOC handled my escape from the Diamond Vacation Plan quick, effortlessly and very professionally.
Henry J.
VOC got us out of the timeshare with Calypso Cay. They were very friendly and super efficient. They delivered what they promised in a timely manner. They made the whole process painless and easy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get out of a timeshare contract.
Carmen H.
VOC is and was exactly as advertised. They provide competent trustworthy legal assistance to release you from the snare of time share ownership. I am now free and clear of any encumbered responsibility and the professional legal help did exactly as advertised and assured legal help was always available and forthcoming. Very professional and caring.
Bob G.
Vacation Ownership Consultants did an excellent job and getting us out of our timeshare. it took about 6 months. It worked out fine and now we have no more hassles with maintenance fees or phone calls from the resort. They were very professional and communicated quite often.
Michael C.
I have been trying for years to get rid of this time share. It's been such a relief to have Vacation Ownership Consultants help me get rid of the unnecessary money pit. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Rebecca S.
Vacation Ownership Consultants did exactly what the said the promised to do. They terminated our timeshare ownership. Period! Vacation Ownership Consultants are very professional. I would highly recommend this company to terminate your timeshare obligations. Go with Vacation Ownership Consultants. They will get it done for you. They regularly apprised us of the progress in termination our timeshare ownership.
Ralph C.
I had been trying to get rid of my timeshare for years. I was taken by a couple of companies that stated they could help me but they never came through. I was about to give up and then someone told me about Vacation Ownership Consultants. I contacted them and after a few months I no longer owned the time share. My experience working with Vacation Ownership Consultants was very positive and was very impressed with their company.
Patsy R.
Very good experience particularly when dealing with Wendy Draskovic. She goes the extra mile to ensure you are well informed and up to date on the process!
Jeffrey H.
This company is very professional, kept us posted as to what was going on, their timeline to except results was accurate even earlier than we expected.
Reva K.
They were very helpful and produced the results they promised. Would highly recommend them.
Gale S.
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